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    You can download the case study template here.


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What differentiates your company from other Premier Partners in how you maximize impact and drive success for your customers? (250 word limit)

Please use the following text box to answer Question 1, OR, if you are applying for the Growing Businesses Online award, use it to answer Question 2:

1. Please describe your approach to strategy development and tactical delivery for your customers and how it demonstrates excellence in Google product implementation. (1200 word limit)

Tips: Example content for strategic development includes objective setting, audience identification, creating engagement, addressing user needs, channel and device selection, measurement, etc. Example content for tactical delivery content examples include range and sophistication of products, features used, bidding, targeting, etc.

2. Please describe how you drive business outcomes, growth and sustainability for your customers on a strategic and tactical level, in a scalable way. (1200 word limit)

Tips: How do you implement Google Ads solutions at scale? How do you drive sustainable growth for your customers?

How does your company take advantage of Google automation solutions to improve campaign performance and help your customers grow? (600 word limit)

Tips: Example content for this answer includes how you have used automation technology to: optimize ad performance, enhance user experience, scale and amplify results achieved with technology

How do you foster a company culture which promotes and nurtures excellence at employee, campaign and customer service levels? (450 word limit)

Tips: Example content for this answer includes customer-centricity, employee experience, talent strategies, growth and training, diversity and inclusion, rewards, internal communications, intrapreneurship and innovative thinking

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June 29

Entries close. The judging process begins.

August 29

Finalists revealed. Our shortlist will be released.

October 3

Winners announced. Honors will be presented at an exclusive awards event, with winning entries published online.

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