This year, we have a brand new set of categories. Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Online Sales, and App Growth focus on work that drives results based on your clients' marketing objectives.

Once you’ve entered one or more of these categories, you’ll be eligible to enter the new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Account Team categories. These two awards recognize inclusive marketing and team collaboration.

  • Brand Awareness

    Premier Partner of the Year

    The Brand Awareness category focuses on work that drives recognition and recall. While sales drive short-term results, awareness strategies give sustainable growth in a changing world. Digital video is the ultimate awareness tool, where advertisers can easily reach the audiences they can't find anywhere else. There are many options for video advertising, and YouTube is one of the leading platforms when it comes to the rise in digital adoption and streaming. How have you helped your clients drive brand awareness and show up in the contexts and moments that matter to their customers?

  • Lead Generation

    Premier Partner of the Year

    How do you partner with your clients to drive high-quality leads at scale? So much goes into reaching the right customers with the right message. One in three shoppers agree that they'd rather buy from a company/brand that provides a wide range of ways to connect with them.* How have you helped your clients refine their creative, keyword, and audience strategies to acquire high-intent customers?

    *Source: Google/Ipsos, “Shopping Tracker”, Jan 2021, Online survey, US, n=1000 online Americans 18+ who shopped in the past two days

  • Online Sales

    Premier Partner of the Year

    The Online Sales category focuses on work that drives online sales in moments of shopper deliberation and discovery. Which tools did your clients use to drive online sales? How did you identify the Google Ads products that would best support your clients’ campaigns, from Target ROAS to Discovery campaigns?

  • App Growth

    Premier Partner of the Year

    The App Growth category focuses on mobile campaigns that accelerate growth for your clients. Searches on the mobile web and apps have skyrocketed globally. People are turning to digital in all facets of life – from connecting with their community to learning new skills and shopping online. Which Google tools did you use to help your clients increase their mobile app downloads and grow their business?

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Premier Partner of the Year

    To change the digital marketing landscape, we need to be all in. Every choice we make has the power to shape how we see ourselves and each other, and make a positive contribution. Yet too many perspectives are being excluded from all stages of the planning process. Whether you’re a strategist, CMO, or CEO, how are you embedding inclusion in your campaigns?

  • Account Team

    Premier Partner of the Year

    The Account Team category focuses on people who work together to deliver advertiser growth through best-in-class digital campaigns. From Digital Specialists to Marketing Directors, whether you're a team of two or twenty two – we want to hear what makes your team great. Let us know how you've gone above and beyond to meet your clients' goals by focusing on people, creating regular communication, and building team culture.