Recognizing industry leaders and their impact in digital marketing

The Premier Partner Awards return to highlight the exceptional work you and your clients have driven over the past 18 months. How have you navigated the changing landscape together? It’s time to share your stories.

Celebrating excellence 
in digital marketing

Award categories

This year, we have a brand new set of categories. Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Online Sales, and App Growth focus on work that drives results based on your clients' marketing objectives.

Once you’ve entered one or more of these categories, you’ll be eligible to enter the new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Account Team categories for each case study submitted. These two awards recognize inclusive marketing and team collaboration.

  • Brand Awareness

    Premier Partner of the Year

    What YouTube campaigns helped your clients drive brand awareness and show up in the contexts and moments that mattered to their customers?

  • Lead Generation

    Premier Partner of the Year

    We’d love to hear about your innovative campaigns that generated high-quality leads at scale for your clients.

  • Online Sales

    Premier Partner of the Year

    How have you adapted your clients' retail strategies towards ecommerce in the fast-changing landscape of the past 18 months?

  • App Growth

    Premier Partner of the Year

    We’re looking for creative mobile app campaigns that helped your clients grow, acquire, and retain new customers.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Premier Partner of the Year

    We’d love to hear how you planned for and brought diversity, equity, and inclusion to your clients’ campaigns.

  • Account Team

    Premier Partner of the Year

    As an industry-leading team, how did you work together to drive growth for your clients?

Why enter

  • Award

    The trophy recognizes the result of strong partnerships between you and your clients and shows that you’re at the pinnacle of digital marketing.

  • Case study

    Winners will receive a Google-sponsored case study to share with clients, on the company website, and on social media channels.

  • Spotlight

    Winners’ stories will be featured on Think with Google and other Google platforms.

What previous winners have to say

Wolfgang Digital

The Premier Partner Awards for us are recognition of the trust afforded to us by our clients which gives us permission to test new and exciting strategies that continue to deliver real business growth for them.

Brendan Almack

Wolfgang Digital

  • The Google Premier Partner Awards represent the highest industry recognition to which an agency can aspire. They are also a stimulus for the teams that make up the agency, as it is an honorable reward for their efforts and dedication.

    Nacho Rodés

    Rocket Digital

  • The Premier Partner Award is the best evidence that we are as great as we say we are! To have Google say we delivered award-winning work, across all their best agencies, is validation that we can't get anywhere else!

    Jeff Allen


Meet the judges

This year’s judges include a mix of independent third parties from the industry, agency leaders, and Google experts. We'll be partnering with Kantar to have a wide range of expertise on board. And here are just some of the judges that will be involved:

  • Simon Thomas

    Simon Thomas

    Global Director, Audience Research

  • Larissa Pohl

    Larissa Pohl

    CEO Germany, Wunderman Thompson

Important dates

  • JUNE 22
    Open for entries
  • JULY 30
    Entries closed
  • SEPT 30
    Finalists announced
    Winners announced